Monday, December 19, 2005

A move towards activity based curriculum

As per this, I have said that most parents (at least in about five to ten years time) from now, would no longer want the academically inclined and rote memory style which is the style that is currently in a lot of kindergartens.

This would apply more so for (at least for) parents who have been educated in foreign universities for a while. I have parents from Chinese school background, had gone overseas and gone through that "culture shock".

These were some of the things that one parent noted: (the person is a lecturer in a local college).
1) Malaysian students have to be pushed by their lecturers to study. When you are over there, you are considered a mature adult, RESPONSIBLE for your own education.

If you don't study, you FAIL. (hence, wasting your own money). Here, lecturers have to make sure their students pass (and push and push and push, as well as FEED them answers). Here, students are like BABIES. Lecturers gotta take care of them.

2) There, you have to look for the lecturers. You make the appointment with the lecturer. Here, THE lecturer looks FOR you.

3) Reading and Writing are going towards "Making Meaning out of Reading, Writing & Print". No longer would it be just reading for reading's sake. Instead, Creativity & Individuality is a characteristic that will be expounded and valued, instead of a mass education system where everyone thinks alike and can't think out of the box, where if the boss says yes, it's a yes, and and everyone will nod their head unison.


A lot of these has to partly due to cultural constraints and of our Asian education system. The Asian role of the 'teacher" has always been to provide answers and they are expected to have all the answers, or else they are not considered *GOOD* teachers. Well, in my opinion, (as an educator myself), I disagree with that concept. I am only human and I only know that much. However, if I don't know, I would just have to say that I do not know everything. It's not so much a matter of "face", which in my opinion, is a very irreverent and silly concept. At least I don't go and commit harikana.

I was speaking to my principal today, and she voiced out the same perspective that I had stated earlier....Well, what can I say?

As globalisation take its toll, so would the world change. It is the Asian students who are moving over to the West to study, and not vice versa. Hence, even our local education system would be going in the same direction as well. The trend is moving back towards "activity based" curriculum for kindergarten. Perhaps I sound bias. What can I say?

I can't wait.

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