Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Start your own childcare to make money

Today I went to a social mixer hosted on Meetup in Melbourne CBD. It was a mixer for entrepreneurs.

I knew we all had to socialise, but I actually was not prepared to answer when they asked me which line of work I was in. 

I ended up responding that I was in between ventures of helping in a family event planning venture, and doing my own thing in childcare.

One smart chap quickly picked up on that, saying that childcare makes a lot of money.
I said to him that childcare in Wyndham Vale is charging roughly on average $120 per child per day. 
Childcare centres can be up to 29 children, or even 59 children.
(I didn't share with him that I was only thinking of starting small, at maybe 5 children for starters, but anyways...)

He actually took out his calculator, and multiplied $120 x 29 children  x 20 days x 12 months. 
That's roughly $835,200 before taxes, salary, and bills for one year.

Seriously speaking, I wasn't even thinking about the money aspect. I was just thinking that I wanted to write my own purposeful play program hashed with the  montessori curriculum, and manage it in my own way.

I like being the boss of my own work, and don't like working for others.
Well, anyways, his perspective gave me some thoughts to chew upon. I had completely forgotten that childcare in Australia is capable of being a money maker, with the right qualifications.

Yes, if you want to start your own childcare centre, it is preferable that you have a normal (non montessori related) Bachelors degree, a diversity of skills, as well as a Montessori diploma.

Having both allows me to have understanding of the different curriculums and methods in learning which I can market to parents.

The MCI UK based Diploma Montessori only allows one retake of their theoretical paper. If you fail the second time, you have to redo the entire programme all over again.
It is a rigorous study programme, which requires a lot of hands on practice, as well as memorization. There is the theoretical paper, as well as the practical examination. Both needs to be passed before completing the internship element.
Hence if you pass it with flying colours, I really salute you as it has a strict marking process (like every British based examination, that all students of my time  fear and still do).
That's why I hate doing British examination board based exams until now.

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