Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Season for a Vision

It's amazing when God gives you a vision at the right time and at the right place....
Perhaps how I envisioned it was a little more like how Joyce Meyer received hers, but perhaps God works differently with every person. 
Perhaps it has its roots in the current political unease brewing in the home country, that has lead to this change of perspective, or it could be another factor, we will never know.

Or perhaps it is the season of new starts, and spring in the spirit.

Borrowing resources from the library. 
It was never my dream to start a business.. My dream was to be a writer, and write articles and books, and possibly  to be a journalist. Perhaps in another life, I would have aspired to be a musician and pianist, but not in this lifetime.

But hey, when God brings you a vision, you just have to go with the flow.... 

After trying out a few pursuits, I realised it's not being a teacher (as I have mentioned a few posts ago), or chef that I am aspiring to be at this point of time.

But it's more the idea of turning the experience I have into one I could use and create an opportunity for my own livelihood.

The idea for a family day care started early this year as a seed when I visited the family day care that Hannah, my goddaughter attended.

It was not until I finished my vocational training, and all my timely hospitality pursuits that this idea presented itself again in the form of Hannah's mother. She presented this idea, giving me as much information I needed.

Why she did, I will never know...

I was expecting three confirmations like how I received for the Tasmania trip, but perhaps going straight to the horses mouth like my parents was a much wiser idea.

My parents have been very supportive of the idea, with my father constantly contacting me to find out updates.

The other confirmations I needed came in the form of church members, all who came from different vocations and giftings, with illustrators, accountants, bankers, trainers all sharing their experiences of how parents who needed family day care did or wanted.

So now it's a matter of getting things done, I. E researching for a family day care association, checking out NEIS and applying for a grant, applying for an ABN, checking out rental properties, getting my drivers (licence) as I can't be visiting sites and ferrying equipment around on a bicycle.. Lol..

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