Saturday, December 21, 2013

Co-Sleeping With Baby

I had an interesting conversation with two preschoolers about Baby Hannah yesterday. 

In my current household, there have been  some domestic discord. As such, Baby Hannah's father had been relegated to the sleeping quarters in the hall.
I was asked to occupy the space beside Baby Hannah's mother. Now, Baby Hannah's mother has bought a crib for the baby costing Aud500 ish from Ikea. But from day 1 that Baby Hannah has come home, she has been frolicky and never used the crib. The only reason they bought the crib was open request of the midwife.

Now, when enquired, the mom told me that the midwives had insisted that they procure a crib. The midwives were of Caucasian background.

Like most Asian families, just to give some background stories, most babies always sleep with their moms. I can't remember much about my childhood, but I know I didn't move into my own room till I was 7. My brother was already 9 then. This was in the 1980s.

I do know of a Thai lady whose daughter is about Year 3, and she has her own room, but sleeps on a bed in the same room as the mother. 

My ex bf, who is now in his mid 30s, with his brother, used to co sleep with their parents until they finished high school. His story is a bit extreme, coz I moved into my room at 7. 

Anyways in continuing the story, Baby Hannah's parents sleep on a mattress on the floor. The mom is from Korean descent, and father is from Pakistani Indian descent. Both are accustomed to sleeping on the floor, which is the practise in their home countries.

When I was lying on the bed, the baby just crawled over to sleeping beside me and then she slept on my hand. 

Man, her head is heavy...

I didn't really think about it coz I was exhausted, and was already fast asleep not long after.

I somehow found it amusing and was sharing the story with two preschoolers, Ava and Ben. They both come from Caucasian backgrounds. 

Ben has his own room, and is the eldest child with a younger sister in his family. Ava is also the eldest child, with a toddler for a sister.

They somehow found the story fascinating that the baby was using my arm as a pillow. Even more fascinating was they were asking whether I stayed next door, and I told them I was a friend who stayed with them in the same unit. 

Then they moved on to what kind of a house we lived in... And why I was living in the same place. 

To simplify the story, I told them that when the daddy was away, I slept with the mother. This went on for close to half an hour.

Anyways, this story does bring to point the differences in child rearing.

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