Monday, December 16, 2013

Are your shoes Pretty or Macho?

So today I had an interesting episode with some children at a centre on Coogee.

We were outside at the sandpit with with a couple of toddlers (2-3 year olds).

Girl A: Are my princess shoes pretty?
Me: yes, there are.
Boy A: Are mine pretty too?
Me: Boys don't normally ask if their shoes are pretty. They like to call it macho. Can you say macho?

Anyways, as an experiment, I asked Girl A another question. Boy A had already gone home by then.

Me: Are your shoes macho?
Girl A: No they are not..

Then I asked Girl B the same question.
Me: Are your shoes macho?
Girl B: Yes, they are.
Me: Are your shoes pretty?
Girl B: Yes, they are.
Me: So your shoes are both macho and pretty?
Girl B: Yes, they are... Are you tricking me?


So I asked a lady teacher the same question
Me: Are your shoes macho?
Teacher A: hmmmm they are not very.. Why?
Me: This is supposed to be a trick question. So are they macho?
Teacher A: I guess not..
Me: So are they pretty?
Teacher A: I would suppose so...I think they should be..

Then I told her the episode of what happened earlier.
Teacher A: Was that Girl B? Kids these days are getting too smart..!

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