Sunday, September 09, 2012

Instilling a habit of sustainability

Originally written on August 6th 2012:

Who would have known that the initial launch of
trying to instill in our families the habit of separating vege and meat scraps into different waste containers would be difficult?

People may think its sounds like a
wonderful idea in building sustainability for the
environment and soil. It seems in theory they may support it, but in practice, I have yet to see anyone among my own mates doing it. The koreans have had years of doing it, as their govt
has mandated that kitchen/waste materials have to be separated before the waste disposal will collect it..

In the end it starts from the top, isn't it?

No doubt it would have to start small, like how its No Plastic Bag Day every Saturday in Malaysia, but like in Korea, everyday is now No Plastic Bag Day at all their shops and markets.

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