Friday, July 06, 2012

Shopping Day

Today was a lovely start to a Friday morning.

This morning at the school HQ branch, after some prompting from the Principal, I read the Bible story of 'Jesus calming the lake' with The children during Friday assembly. The children were already familiar with the song 'With Christ in the Vessel', so she wanted me to relate the bible story with that song.

The 5 and 6 year classes had a 'Shopping Day' in class after their morning tea. They each brought RM3 in different denominations. It was an enjoyable and learning experience to watch and observe the children learn how to buy and use money.

One of the 6 years children, Zoe even asked if she could get a discount on the item she wanted when she realised she didn't have enough money. LOL.

The children showed a preference to hair clips, pencils with pictures, and those were the first to be sold out. This was followed by perishable foods, and finally packet foods.

The older children had a better understanding of the transaction process, whereas most of the younger 5 years class did not seem to really understand what was happening.

The children seemed happy with their purchases and realised that they could not buy any more items once they saw their purses were empty. All in, it was an enjoyable hands on learning activity.

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Chrys said...

You could do a similar experience nearer the end of the year for the 6-year-olds with real food. It also doubles as a prep experience for Year One. Our kids love it!

Looks like you're in KL. I'm back in KL, too. Returning to Sydney next month.

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