Tuesday, November 08, 2011

She's got spunk.

Lorin came to work today. A co-worker remarked that this new lady has spunk.

Well, considering the fact that this lady is in her mid 40s, and at least twenty years of work experience under her belt, from a management point of view, I would say that should be so.

Due to her years of experience, she would be able to handle both the management's leadership style, as well as the other colleagues. It is a good thing to have someone who has such aptitude as if I were hiring for someone, as I understand the importance in bringing in someone who has the experience to help me bringing the work through.

Anyways, this lady seems to have got on well with the children. That's a good thing to see.

I was hoping for a lady who could speak some sort of Chinese dialect, but well, I'm sure the parents will survive.  It is up to the management to take the initiative to deal with these sort of situations when they have already been made aware of the need.

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