Friday, November 04, 2011

Last work day on 11.11.11

After having extended discussions and negotiations with the Supervisor and Boss, it has finally amounted to my bringing my resignation date forward.

Before putting in the notice, I did prepare my colleagues mentally for the fact that that could happen.
My Boss wasn't amused, but she let me off.

Hence my last day is on 11.11.11. (Long Long Day, as the numbers might translate in Cantonese).

It is an auspicious date for a chinese to be leaving on. How significant is the date I don't know though.
I have started telling the older children of my departure, and that its about 7 more sleeps before I leave.

The older children have a better understanding of what I'm trying to say. They are about 5ish or going to turn 5 soon. Anyways, my departure had already been announced in the monthly newsletter about two weeks ago or earlier. The parents who read it have either come up to me, or mentioned about it.

The predominantly Cantonese and Mandarin speaking parents were the first ones to ask me about it.
Its 5 more work days to go. But first, I have a four page essay which I have to complete by Wednesday next week.


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