Monday, September 26, 2011

Learning Mandarin.

Today there was a family who brought their young daughter to the child care centre for orientation. The parents & family are from China, so obviously they could not speak English well. The father seemed to have no difficulty with the English speaking bit from what I could gather. However after having a simple chat with the mother, I realised that she had difficulty in communicating in English.

Unfortunately the family was from the northern part of China, so they did not speak any Cantonese, else i could have been more help to them. Even If they came from Shen Zhen or Hong Kong, I might have been of better help to them.

When I do return to Malaysia, I believe its high time to learn up Mandarin.

Even in learning Korean, once we reach Intermediate level, much of the vocabulary refers back to 'hanja', which is korean for chinese characters. This is as up to about 600 years ago, Korean was written in 'hanja' characters. Hence knowing how to read Chinese characters aids in remembering multiple korean vocabulary. 

However in the mean time, I am just going to have as much practice in Korean conversation as this might probably be the last opportunity for me in a very long time once I leave Sydney!!


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