Monday, September 05, 2011

Leadership styles.

So it's Freddie Mercury's birthday today. Google claims it on the search engine. (Not that I care very much). Did some checks on StatCounter, and found that my childhood blog, and my skincare blogs
apparently are the more popular of  my blogs, average about 55-60 page loads over a period of 90 days.
That's a good thing, I hope.

So anyways, today is my day off, and I am trying to finish up my literature research report on Leadership Styles, namely Participative vs Autocratic Leadership style.

I'm now in the library of University of Technology, Sydney, trying to complete my report. Anyways, I don't normally state the name of my institution, but seriously, unless I am writing some unsavory report
of the institution, I really do not have much I should think about. I now have about 9 pages, with at least another 5 pages to go before I finish my report.

I've been working on the report since the last three weeks, reading up the first week, and starting to write on a skeleton framework from the second week, and this third and final week, just summarising and writing out my thoughts into cohesive readable paragraphs.

Anyways, when I am finally done with it, and get it back from my lecturer, I will post it up on this website, with its relevant references and all. Now let me brainstorm a bit before I start on my

Now why does one say that leadership style is important?

In any organisation, it is essential to have good management. Good management is needed to (Daft,p22, 2005) maintain a "degree of stability, predictability and order through a culture of effeciency.
Management is different from leadership in the essence that  it helps the organisation consistently achieve short-term results, and meet the expectations of various stakeholders, wheras Leadership creates
change, within a culture of integrity that they survive over a long term period with a long-term goal, and move the organisation into the future. (Daft,p.22, 2005).

Daft, Richard L (2005) The Leadership Experience 3rd edn, Thomson
South-Western, USA

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