Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A childcare centre is a business after all.

Here is something my mom brought to my attention when I was back in KL.

Not all teachers are meant to be leaders. She had some teachers whom she had appointed to be the Head Teacher in a number of her schools.

However, these individuals did not seem to possess the personality to be able to lead a group of staff, and the junior teachers/assistants.

They were better at 'teaching' a group of children, but not in delegating duties, and ensuring the school operates smoothly. Hence,

In australia, I have noticed that a lot of the 'teachers' can be very particular about following the curricular.

However, one must remember that in the end, whether it is a childcare centre, or kindergarten, it is still a business establishment. A business establishment has to break even and make profit to survive at the end of the day.

Hence the administrator, and manager of the centre has to learn to look past the 'curricular' to ensure that the financial aspect is being looked after.

Else, at the end of the day, they'd be out of business, and teachers insisting on strictly following 'curricular' will end up penniless, being out of a job. Nobody wins that way.

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