Monday, January 17, 2011

PassionFruit for playlunch.

So today, whilst doing play lunch with the children, apparently one of the parents had brought in three pieces of a purple fruit, the passionfruit.

Having never tasted nor eaten one before, I had no idea what it was.

So I asked the classroom teacher who told me the name of the fruit. (i've ever only come across the fruit during one of my Sothys facials, but that is another post...)

Anyways, the administrator happened to be in, and then decided to make a learning session out of it.

So, what ensued next was my cutting two of the three pieces into half, then quarters, and leaving it on the playlunch tray.

The teacher then presented the fruit during group time......

Much later, when it was pack away time, it seemed that not much of the passionfruit pieces were touched.

The administrator explained that the passionfruit was quite pricey at the markets, going at a AUD1.50 off season, and at AUD1.00 on season. Not many of the parents would bring it in for playlunch as it was costly, and not much to share around.

In the end, I ended up scooping the remaining passionfruit pieces onto a plate, and giving it to her, as it would most likely be just thrown into the bin as none of the staff would actually bother with it.

Well, lucky her!

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