Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 12: Montessori Day Care Centre

So its now my official second day, 12th day since I started at the Montessori DayCare centre.

One of the Assistants has since left for her home country, so I was roped in to perform her roles and routines. At least, till the Principal decides what to do with me.

I start Programming next week, and hence have one week to collate all my observations - and pull all my ideas and resources.

So currently I perform the role of an Assistant who also has to do perform a lot of physical set-up work, whilst on the back of my mind, I have also got to prepare a lot of brain and paperwork.

Perhaps it is a good role for me to take, whilst I get used to the routines, and get a feel of the routines and try to fit into the team/study the staff's personalities, before assigning/delegating any duties

I read on a management website that a new Manager should not try to implement changes at least till after the first 30 days, and to think of doing that around the 60th to the 90th day.

That sounds like a good idea.

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