Wednesday, September 08, 2010

8th Day Trial: Programming

So today is my 8th Day Trial. Well, barely to say it is a trial any further, as I made the decision to sign the employment contract yesterday!

Based on the informal information 'digging' from the other teaching staff, I had the answers to my queries.

The centre did not have a certain time period where all staff had to take leave at the same time, which in a way could be good for some people.

Meaning one does not have to travel at the same time as others when tickets are exceptionally expensive, i.e. Christmas, Lunar New Year.

Even among Montessori Diploma trained/qualified teachers, I have realised that there are differences in the way that the curriculum is interpreted.

A teacher's personality, and disposition would affect the way the children responded to her instructions, regardless of the environmental set-up.

Will write more in detail later. Am really tired now. Watch this space!

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