Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rebound from winter flu!

So today, I called my employer (Agency E) that I was ready to return to work... after my long extended winter illness.

Actually I had already emailed them, but I wasn't sure if they had already received my note, so a call was much more reassuring.

I am not really sure how many casual assignments are available in winter, but I do know that many people do catch the flu in winter.

Among the good news is that Agency E had officially sent a note to all their Early Childhood Teachers pay rate will be standardised to the normal Early Childhood Teacher industry rate! All four and three year trained teachers will be paid the same rates regardless of the number of years they have worked.

In a way it is good for all the Early Childhood Teachers, but from the view of work availability, it could mean less work, since it means that the fees for centres would have gone up, if it had not already.

Perhaps companies initially lower their fees, and having established a relationship, they decide to revert to industry rate?

I guess it now depends on the childcare centres whether they would like to continue this "relationship" with their staffing agencies, with all things being now.

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