Saturday, July 31, 2010

Agent E strikes again!

So today my agent called me. At 10am!

Why did I wake up so late? Coz I was not supposed to be working today, and hence I slept late last night. 

The first thing the consultant said was 'are you aware that you were supposed to be at xx centre 8.30am this morning?'

Well, Ms.Smartie Pants, I refuse to be non-plussed by your agency. I don't care if you are paying my wages, but that is not how you should treat your candidates!

Let me state the reasons for these..

1. I was not informed that I was supposed to go in. I normally receive a formal text message from the agent.

I was a bit surprised to hear that as I was definitely not informed to go into to any particular centre .. not to mention the fact that the agent is not going to cover my transportation fees EVER if the centre cancels my shifts!At least this is my past experience with this this particular Agent E in the last two months!

2. When I arrived at the centre, I was informed by the group leader that they only only confirmed the decision to bring in a casual today. So what was the whole hissy fit about, excuse me??

So, don't try to put a fast one on me, thank you very much!

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