Sunday, October 26, 2008

Casual Childcare Employee retaliation? >_<

I didn't work much this week. As an act of retaliation, I had wanted to pass over one of my agents but was dissuaded by my mother who did not think it was a wise course of action.

Anyways, as said in my other blog... if truth be known, I did end up working for them for one of the shifts this week, so I do have to take my word back. LOL.

Agent S called me to go for a shift at this centre near the CBD area. It turned out that one of the casuals from Agent S' firm was ill, so they had to get another casual! I never thought that could ever happen, but it did. Well, it did nearly happen to me early this year when I was first starting out as a casual, but now if I know that I am ill, I would not take an assignment as it just isn't worth it.

I thought that cases of centres cancelling their shifts would be less under Agent E, but it turns out that it did happen. The consultant was courteous enough to provide a lengthy explanation for the cancellation, and then sent me off on another shift elsewhere that morning. To add to the bonus, I did enjoy myself at that shift (North Strathfield), so yeah, I do look forward to going there again.^^

Another bonus to add to it was that one of the recruitment consultants in Agent E decided to call me to enquire if I was looking for a permanent position at one of the centres (which turned out to be the centre that had cancelled the shift I was supposed to go to).. she was asking if I wanted to continue being a casual, or pursue a permanent position. Oh well, at least I have the knowledge that they did consider if I wanted to put in an application for it. ^^

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