Monday, October 27, 2008

Agent S Childcare Staff Agency: Change of booking procedures

Today Agent S sent me off for a morning shift in the Ryde area. Initially when Agent S called, they said it was for a week booking. In the evening however, I checked with the centre that I was assigned. It was fortunate that I did, as according to the schedule that they had, it was only a four day booking, and not a full week booking.

Later in the evening however, one of the personnel from Agent S called to ask how my shift went today. I was definitely most SURPRISED.

Then she said that some changes were made now and it would be a day-to-day booking than a block booking. In my opinion, that might be better for us casuals so that childcare centres would not simply make a booking and cancel it. It is us casuals who have to take the bane of the cancellations, y'know?

Perhaps the Agent had a directive from above, or simply maybe they had a conference on the best booking procedures. Well, I'd definitely hope for the latter..

At least Agent S learnt something from here.

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