Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Australia: Casual Childcare work @ Bondi centre.

Today, I was assigned back to the same childcare centre in the Bondi area. I met even more Early Childhood Teachers sent in by Agent E. Apparently, according to one of the supervisors in the centre, Agent S, the one that contracted me to work today, does not have a large pool of Early Childhood Teachers in its employment.

So they thought I was from Agent E. (which I also am, but that is another story... ) It is then no wonder why Agent S might be willing to give out above award rates in order to attract more Early Childhood Teacher qualified staff? That could be a possible reason.

I was sent to the preschool class today (the oldest class). The permanent staff had a staff meeting today so I was asked to write up the observations. When I looked through the earlier observations in the Daily Diary, it only struck me why the class teacher S., did not want me to look through it....

As I sat down and typed up those observations on the computer, it struck me that I found the task too easy, and had written up more than three pages of observations, reflection and planning on what that happened for the day (at least for Outdoor Play anyways).

The supervisor was probably immensely impressed (and maybe surprised at my command of English. LOL). ^_^

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