Sunday, August 17, 2008

2.5- 3 years olds: Crazy behaviours that drive you up the wall!

If you want to be the teacher of a class of 2.5- 3 year old kids, these are some of the things that you have be aware of. Whether or not you like, the children will still do better early than later!

Children that will...
1) Jump on their nap time beds during bed time.

2) Jump on the home corner couch/lounge.

3) Climb the chairs & beds (which have been stacked up).

4) Climb the windows & tables.

5) Lick the windows (yuck!)

6) Tear pages off the book

7) Start cutting everything in sight once they learn to use the scissors.....

8) Pee in their pants (and on their bed - otherwise known as bed wetting)

9) Eat the playdough. (although the saltiness is supposed to "deter" them)...

10) Keep opening & closing the home corner cabinet doors for strange reason.

11) Throw all the home corner toys/equipment into the home corner cabinet (and the teacher has to keep taking everything out).

12) Kids that will run round and round around the table for rounds and rounds.

13) and of course, the few children who will throw tantrums.... and throw themselves on the floor, crying and making a lot of noise with the other children watching when they don't get their way....

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