Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gold Coast: Montessori Bashing

When I said that the Montessori method of education is just not popular in Australia, I didn't realise how much it would be. Most of the 'mainstream' childcare centres only state that is because its "too structured". Its funny, cause the sentiments of parents in Asia about Montessori who may not fully accept a "full on" Montessori learning program is because its would contain too much elements of play& not enough academic/structured content!

I just picked this from a websearch. Apparently a Gold Coast City Council had some idea of wanting to ban a childcare centre operator from running a kindergarten because some of the councillors consider it "too boutique". The council's city property executive co-ordinator, Brendan Madden, argued that Montessori was not 'mainstream' enough. A decision on the childcare contract will be made on Monday.

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