Friday, June 20, 2008

Senior First Aid Course completed!

Hi people... I have the cough again. SIGH. Been breaking my vocal chords the past few days. I do know that on those days that I have a cough (or impending one), I would perform poorly at work. Being a casual, that is detrimental to work performance. Well, what can I say?

Anyways, under the Australian legislation (well most of individual states will mandate it anyways), a staff in a permanent position (whether trained or untrained) should possess a First Aid qualification. Nevermind the fact that in NSW it is only for trained staff that should possess it.

I had finally completed my Senior First Aid training with St. John's Cross Association on Tuesday. It was a two day training session. Although I would like to have opted for a one day course (and a self study of 8 hours), the thought that came to me was that since I am paying the same price for whether one or two days, I might as well have a face-to-face interaction with my trainer rather than study alone without feedback from other people. Nevermind if that means I work one day less, (since I didn't work today or yesterday for that matter!).

There was a 45 Multiple Choice Question which we had to fill in and could only get 10 out of 45 questions wrong = 35 was the minimum we needed to score to receive our Statement of Attainment from the workshop!
Thankfully I passed! For the practical assessment, we were assessed using a real life scenario and bandaging procedures on a male mannequin! The first aid credentials are valid for up to three years.

Among the units we discussed and learnt about was CPR procedures, basic training with the AED machine (Automated External Defibrillator), the emergency numbers to call within Australia, Asthma action plan, Poison action plan, the emergency procedures & measures to take in the case of an individual who has just got involved in an accident, or is not breathing, and snake & poisonous creature bites.

An AED is one of those machines (similar to those electrical shocking thingamajig that you would find in an ambulance that is used to deliver an electric shock to someone whose heart has stopped breathing, or ventricular fibrillation).

We were also given some information about Anaphylaxis, which is an allergy reaction (which could be anything, but in Australia, it is predominantly nuts, eggs, seafood and pollen). Most individuals who suffer from Anaphylaxis have their own Action Plan (as in management plan) should their allergies act up.

As for Asthma sufferers, have you noticed that they use two kinds of medication? The first one is known as the Preventers (and are in Autumn coloured containers) and the second are the Relievers (which are in Winter coloured containers).

Anyways last but not least, today I finally decided to send an email to my agent to enquire about possibilities of work in Montessori centres. I am not sure what the outcome would be, or why I didn't think of that prior to this. (I should have, but it probably wasn't the right timing??). Am just crossing my fingers, and praying everything will turn out fine!

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