Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A uni student's post-Easter misadventures.

We just had a 4-day weekend for Easter. This week has been rather slow, as quite a number of the centres have cancelled their afternoon shifts. Even my flatmate commented that business for her cafe has been slow, so she came home two hours earlier than the usual. I know that for sure, as I'm the one one of the cancelled shifts. =.=

Now that it has come into my realisation, I was informed that Christmas & Easter are the only both times in the year where business comes to an almost halt. Staff take most of their leave during this time to take advantage of the 4-day weekend! I should have realised it.. but what can I say, some of us are a bit thick in the head to realise it until later! *sticks tongue out*

Anyways, last week was rather busy however. The best news so far has been that my wages were banked in today. ^^

For now, as I have just launched an extension for my visa, I do believe that my near short-term future will be in Australia. So yes, if you want to find out anything about specifically NSW or Victoria childcare related news, this is the place to go. ^^

So how have I occupied my time so far? Mostly just reading this text on Business of Childcare I had on loan from the city library. It is an Australian publication, so most of the news are relevent to my current circumstances. Of course, my past stint in the past three centres for almost a week has helped me to relate my readings into perspective.

As my future plans include Australia in the short-term, it would definitely be beneficial to read up on employee, OHS & childcare legislation for NSW & Victoria in the time being. It would definitely look good during interviews if I were wanting to head into a permanent position, mostly as I heard that there is about 7 weeks of paid + medical leave, which is not accessable to the casual worker. In the long term, job security is more an essential rather than higher award rates to make up for the lack of security for the casual worker.

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