Monday, November 05, 2007

A change in the winds.

I went to see the lecturer at the scheduled conference today. Accompanying me were two of my housemates who came in as moral & emotional support. As you could predict, I would have given much and lengthy thought over my decision on what I will do. I've done more than my time of praying, so what was left was for me to attend the "battle".

The outcome of the conference was good. I believe (that I will and always will) have the passion for writing (amongst other passions however). My passion for writing is something that will prevail, and that is probably what that has kept me on at my tertiary studies, in the onset of trouble during practicum. Of course, the study of more efficient creative writing techniques as well as more developed research and interviewing skills will aid me in the quest of my becoming a better writer in the long term is indisputable.

What is my decision? Well although I did aspire to come here to read Education in the hopes of becoming an educator here, I have come to believe that my skill of writing would (& could) be put into better use as one in the Education field not as one in the classroom but out of it.

The advantage of having the background understanding and study of theoretical and curriculum pedagogy places me in a suitable position to write about it based on my understanding and experiences that I have had of it in the past two years of the Australian setting and of the Malaysian context.

Hence even at this juncture of my journey, it is of essence that I know & do believe a path has been prepared for me to exit my studies gracefully with a qualification in hand. The options of transferring my completed studies to a more suitable program is one that I will have to give more thought in detail in the coming week where I will negotiate with my Head of Education Faculty.

However for the time being, I still have two assignments to complete. This will be my focus for this upcoming one week, after which the decision has to be made of the next step in the path which I will pursue for the betterment of my own future.

Wish me all the best!

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