Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Importance of being Volunteer.

Eversince practising writing the Queensland Cursive writing, I have been noticing other cursive signs (out on the road even on the bus). *LOL*. I realise that there are different styles of writing the letter "r" and you know what? They are both right!

(okie, this is beginning to sound inanely seriously retarded for someone who has too much time on her hands)

Michael (who is an Aussie mate of mine) noted that a lot of employers LOOK HIGHLY at volunteer work. Because we give up our time to help out an organisation, as volunteers we can ask for a reference letter after a period of time. It must be remembered and understood that there is a minimum wage in Australia, and award wages go up to 15AUD p/hour here, and if we go without being paid, that's considered rather "charitable" of us..

The fact now remains that although I am not actually "employed", however I can still use my "volunteer work" as a sort of reference. I am just wondering how come I never thought of that before? Hmmmm....

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