Monday, October 15, 2007

Practicum at a catholic primary school.

When I checked my mail this morning, I received word from Sally, the administrator at the uni that they found a placement for my praticum. Apparently it's at St.S's, a Catholic primary school.

Well, if you are wondering, there is a vast difference in the way that private and state schools are run..I'm quite excited, but at the same time afraid of the prospect. So I guess I won't really be waiting that much after all. Maybe about three days later (than others) anyways. I have one week and a half more to myself to do the things I need to do after all! =)

Tomorrow I'll still be going for the volunteer work at D.H. So, yeah I have to start thumbing through the behaviour management part of the text I just borrowed to get ready for D.H tomorrow.

See ya guys later!

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