Friday, November 18, 2005

Again, the chinese vs malay schools issue!

Minishorts has actually written an interesting entry on Chinese school vs Malay school.

I think she's worried too much about the future, especially the future of our public schools.

If she is in the education line, she would know the horrors of what an education system like that can do to the creativity of our young minds. Too much rote memory is not good for the young children, and what is the good of so much work books? I think it is redundant!

The children go to school at 7 and come back by 3. They dont see the sun in the morning when they come in, and by the time they leave, it is almost 4pm. They carry two heavy bags to school. In the morning, they have the MORNING HOMEWORK. After lunch, they are given EVEN MORE HOMEWORK for the Afternoon.

10 subjects and doing homework till 11pm late at night! By the time the child is done, they are so tired they don't even think of going to play! I think it is so *sad*. That is what is happening to children. They find NO MEANING in doing all the homework.

Week after week are tests. Tests. Tests. Tests.

Hello, and for children at 7 years old? I wonder how they cope. My former children all look so pale these days and complain that they hate going to school.

Futhermore, what is the point of so much homework if there is no time to *assimilate* the information?

My best solutions:

1)Send them to private schools. (if you can afford it).


2) Send to Malay schools, and send them for Mandarin tuition.
Thanks, but I don't want my children going to chinese schools.
I would rather my children have less work and more time to play, and enjoy their childhood.
Study, they must, but happy they must also be!


Anonymous said...


share something with u ppl :-

case 1 :
my little cousin (will be in std 1 next yr) was 1st sent to a kinder near my place when she was 2 1/2 yrs old. Mommy had wanted her to get use to other kids & start interacting. So, Mommy gave her a small (imagine ur 14cmx14cm pillow, smaller than that) bag for her water bottle & snack. Next, 1st day of school, Mommy got a shock... SCHOOL BOOKS!!!

Case 2 :-

a conversation between me & my hubby's colleague :

me : hello, can i speak to (hubby's name) please?
hubby's colleague : sorry, (hubby's name), WAS not around.
me : WAS not around, so IS around lah? ;P

a few days later.... :)

me : hello, can i speak to (hubby's name) please?
hubby's colleague : sorry, (hubby's name), WAS not around NOW!


i put down the phone & almost died laughing!!! lol

on a personal note. no doubt that China is catching with the rest of the world. but then again, we are NOT China's chinese. we are 1st & foremost Malaysian. so chinese is not the most important language & definately not the ONLY language that we've to master.

i went to my cousin's 1st PTA meeting when she was 3 yrs old. while her daddy was looking through her report card (.. yes, exams for 3 yr olds & report card), i spoke to my baby cousin in hakka. her teacher over heard us talking & said that we should speak to her in mandarin so that she gets more practice! heck! that baby girl speaks mandarin at school everyday, isn't that enough?

i'm a hakka & i speak fluent hakka. however my chinese-schooled cousins speaks only mandarin... i don't want that for my children. let them learn more. y not?

CheaYee said...

case 1: didn't the Mommy check the syllabus when they first looked at the school??

(it's actually common in a lot of malaysian preschools. I CAN tell you that...)

as for the girl speaking in really depends on the parents on what they want to speak to the child.
The teacher should respect that. But why is she butting in into the conversation and asking you to speak Mandarin to her?

Anonymous said...

Well, for a start, Mommy's intention was to get her to mix around with other kids. also, baby girl has an elder cousin whom she was very attached to. So mom thought that being with the elder cousin, baby will not fear going to school... & yes, she didn't bother to check the syallabus, cos mom never thought that baby will learn to read & write so soon.

anyway, thank god that the girl had turn out to be multi-lingual :)
she still speaks fluent hakka, mandarin & along the way, picked up some cantonese from those HK dramas. her malay is ok(cos of the maid), but she still lacks the confident to speak English although she knows the language.

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