Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Assignment in Brookvale again.

Today I went to do a four hour shift at this centre in Brookvale. It was the same one I visited about two weeks back.

This time I was sent to the babies room. It wasnt the hardest of routines, but you basically fed the babies, made sure the older toddlers sat up and ate their lunches, wiped off their hands and shirts, and played with them. It reminded me a lot of Baby Hannah, who is my friend's nine month old baby who l live with
With babies however, it was harder as they do not like strangers as much, at least until they are older.

During the lunch breaks rotation, I was sent off to cover Linda's lunch. She is the  ECT in the centre, and possibly the Nominated Supervisor. Although she said I would only be covering her lunch, it ended up close to 2.5 hours of the PreKindy room!!

She kept coming back to the room to check on us, and said she would be done in five minutes,however I think it was a little longer than that!

The first time I was here, I didn't really enjoy my time. But surprisingly, for this round, I somehow enjoyed my time better.

All the PreKindy girls kept drawing me pictures, I must have received about seven!! There was Olivia (who drew the most) and there was Macy who drew one and gave to me during outdoor play.

A boy, Lucas kept coming up to me for cuddles. I counted at least six times during outdoor play! 

Then finally, there was Max, and Noah who were the rowdiest of the crew. I was giving them a watchful eye after realising that they were a duo of trouble, and they knew I was watching them. Cheeky Monkeys!!

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