Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Relanguaging someone's words

Today's The Star:Classifieds(Central-Malaysia) has a short section on 'Relanguaging'.

Many people are put off by another person's negativity, but no one corrects them.

Relanguaging is the 'reconditioning' or replacing of negative words into positive ones.

Examples of words include blame words i.e. 'he started it', 'I will try', but, etc.

Ways of Relanguaging:
Making the person aware with a statement like, 'I notice that you've used the word... A few times.''
Another is to ask for a change of word, for example , 'Can you change this word to something more positive?'
Another way is to repeat someone's words; like ' if they said I don't know', then ask in return 'dont know?' (I use that a lot!)

The article is contributed by Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches
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