Monday, October 17, 2011

A 3 year old trilingual child.

Today, Wei-Wei a new 3 year old child started. Apparently he was already attending another day care centre before joining ours.

His father is Cantonese chinese from Australia, and his mother is a Greek lady from London. So he was speaking fluent English to all the Assistants when he came in.

When he saw me, he started speaking Cantonese to me as I had spoken some Cantonese to him during his Orientation visit to the centre. I realised his grandparents were most likely from HK, as he was using HK cantonese rather than Malaysian Cantonese.

He started calling himself 'Wei Wei', which is his Cantonese name his grandparents call him by. The child practically attached himself to me the entire day.

I linked him up with a 4 year old child, Tong-Tong, whom I described to him as 'jeh-jeh' (meaning big sister) who spoke the same dialect. It turns out Tong-Tong and Wei-Wei were from the same family day care.. no wonder lar...

The Supervisor tells me that the child apparently also speaks Greek when he visits his Greek grandparents in London.

Wow, he truly is a trilingual child without having to even learn it at all!

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