Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Maori show in April.

So its a lovely sunny day today. A bit of a breeze, and we had a maori one man show at preschool this morning.

Apparently the centre brings the maori show in twice a year, once in spring, and once in autumn.

The Coordinator brought her 2.5 year old grandson, K. to watch the show. He ended up staying all morning, first maybe an hour at the nursery, then 40 minutes at the maori show.

He then went off to play on his own amongst the other children when they went outdoors. K was really a pioneer of his own. No crying or tears of sorts was seen!

After which, the Coordinator sat beside K. as he had his lunch in the preschool room...

I really love the Coordinator, but having her grandson on board is another kettle of fish...

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