Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Literacy: Guided Reading (Year 1)

Learning Activity 5.3
A lesson overview for a Guided Reading lesson for a Year 1 class is as follows:

Before Reading: Key Learning Area/ Subject: English
Year Level: 1
1. Learning Objective: To read texts with students in Blue Group.(Beginning readers).
2. Resources: What is it? ( text for Beginning Readers).

Students are each given a copy of the book.
3. Prior Knowledge:

* Students make use of visual cues to help in their reading.
* Students have some knowledge of the animals in the pictures in the book.

The Guided Reading Lesson:
4. Introduction:

* Teacher introduces book and title of book with students.
* Teacher discusses the illustration of the cover with students

5. Body:

* Teacher points to the word and reads it.
* Students follow the reading aloud in their little books.
* Teacher asks students questions of the pictures

-What can you see from the picture?

* Teacher relates objects in the pictures to student’s life

- Where have you seen this before? What did you think of it

- What colour was it? How did it look like?

- Were you scared/happy/sad? Why were you scared/happy/sad?

- What did you do?

6. Conclusion:

- Teacher read and summarizes with the students what they have just read.

- What is this? This is a ______

- Children look at the picture and give the answers.

After Reading:7. Extension activities:

* Teacher revisits this text with children using other activities such as using cloze activities and asking children to find missing words and match.
* Teacher makes matching strips and asks children to match sentence strips to word with pictures covered.

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