Wednesday, March 11, 2009

International Montessori Convention 2009 Kuala Lumpur

The other day I saw a press-ad for the above event in the local Malaysian TheStar daily.
The time & location for the convention is on:
Date: May 30 & 31, 2009
Time: Sat : 9.00 am to 6.30 pm

Sun : 9.00 am to 6.30 pm
Venue: Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There is also a fee payable for the two day convention. For more information, click here.


Unknown said...

I really admire your profession in early childhood education field.
i intend to switch my career in early childhood education business. I wondering if the International Diploma Montessori Pedagogy is more creditable compare to Diploma in early childhood education offered by the malaysia institute? i am 35years old, hope it's not too late to start this program :)

Unknown said...

hope to receive your advise on my previous question.
my email address joeannbey@gmail.ocm

CheaYee said...

I will tell you my experience with SEGI College, as that is where I graduated from.

I cant really tell you which college is good in terms of providng recognised qualifications, as during my time abroad, early childhood courses that have been offered by the many local institutes have mushroomed like after the rain. At least 3-4 new colleges have sprung up in this department.

SEGI College is currently offering two diploma courses, which is the International Montessori Diploma, and the local diploma (which has a longer study period.

If you want to study a more generalized childhood course,and more economical price course, then take the local Childhood Diploma.

The international Diploma Montessori will be quite expensive. It however, offers you higher recognition in terms of wanting to find work in montessori schools all over the world.

The work for the latter is tougher, and demands a higher standard of English as it will be sent to UK to be marked. They are also very strict on their marking system, as well as you are only allowed to retake the course twice, that is if you fail the first time. Once that happens, you have to re-enrol all over to do the diploma.

Both diplomas allows the student to gain exemptions towards the 3-year Bachelor of ECH that is offered by USQ. Howevr, the local ECE diploma however offers more exemptions as it is a longer period of study than the Montessori Diploma.

Which ever course that you take, they are both good, if you finally end up with the Bachelor.

However, if you do pursue a Montessori qualification, and then continue to do a general ECE degree, it allows you to learn about the different types of early childhood education systems, and not just focused only on one, as that is generally offered by 'generalized early childhood qualifications'.

Another institute that offers early childhood qualification is INSTITUTE CECE which currently offers Certificate as well as Diploma course, and allows you to pursue studies towards exemptions in Edith Cowan University (ECU Perth).

QING~^^~ said...

Hi name is xiang qing..
i am interested in studying early childhood studies too..i have done some survey in internet..but i still cant decide which college should i go for diploma..
can you give me some suggestions??
i dont know whether to choose kolej dika..segi college..methodist college..kolej sri and many others more..
how should i choose??
my mother say i should early childhood studies in singapore..
is singapore really good in this field??
do you know which country is the best to continue my further studies in this field??

CheaYee said...

Hi how are u?
I am not familiar with kolej Dika, methodist college and kolj sri..
as the one i wen to was SEGI college.
(and that was almost 8 years ago)

it really depends on what you want to do..

For me, I went the Montessori Diploma pathway followed by a basic Early Childhood Degree pathway at SEGI.

For me, its good to have both - as I get to study both systems.

Just bear in mind that Montessori courses are very strictly marked, and its also good to have Montessori qualification.

Another factor will also be the cost, as mOntessori training is not that cheap either if you didn't pass the examinations.

If you take the Montessori first pathway, ensure that it can provide exemptions that lead to a general early childhood degree in whichever colleges you choose to pursue the next level of the studies.

Its good to know what Montessori is, as well as the general early childhood education type, as it will give you more job opportunities if you choose to pursue work in UK, USA, or New Zealand. (not Australia for Montessori though.)

As for Singapore, I have never worked there before. so i can't really tell you if its better, but I do believe they pay better for the same qualification then if you were to work here.

QING~^^~ said...

i am fine..thank you..^^

i have done some research online..and i found a forum that said the management in segi college is very it true??
how is your lecturer in segi??

sorry..can you explain the exemption part you mentioned?? i dont really understand it..

do you know which univeristy or country is good at early childhood studies??
my mum kept asking me to make sure that the college i chose have well recognition in the diploma course they offered..

may i know why did you chose segi college at first???

thanks a lot..^^
so sorry for asking so many questions...

CheaYee said...

there is a lot of info in the previous comments I left.

my lectures in SEGI was more than 4 years ago, so a lot might hve already changed by now.

exemption is when you study one course, it allows u to "Skip" a number of other courses in a higher qualification based on your previous qualification.

well, as for which uni is good, its very hard to say.. but it really depends on ur family budget and if you can afford it.

SEGI was one of the more recognised education providers during my time (about 10 years ago). now there are more options, but you have to make ur own research as I am no longer in college and am unable to say much.

Generally most degrees from UK, Australia, NZ are recognised. u need to be careful of universities in USA though. there are a lot of fake universities there.

QING~^^~ said...

thanks alot chea yee..
2moro i will visit segi college to have a look and talk to the counsellor..

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