Thursday, May 22, 2008

A successful skill assessment outcome.

It's been a fantastic week so far. Well, fairly fantastic to sum it.

On Monday, I received a letter from my Skill Assessment board that states my skill assessment for Child Care Coordinator as SUCCESSFUL! Isn't that fantastic? I was worried that the application would not go through, so it was with trepidation that I actually opened the letter. The skill assessment is among one of the most important criteria in deciding whether a long-term migration visa can be granted, and mine did! Woo Hoo!! Thank you to all my friends for your prayers & support. Without it, I don't believe it would have gone through as easily!

When I went through the document, it did not state that it had initiated any telephone verification, internet search, business listings or e-mail contact with the companies as listed on my documents! That just shows the board that the paperwork I had put through must have been very clear, detailed & thorough that they did not have to think twice on making a decision for my case.

As one of my mates who helped me out with an assignment last year said "always presume that the person marking your assignment/ paper does not know what you are talking about. Make it clear & never leave anything to second-guess, and always present your paper/assignment in a way that will leave the marker never doubting your capabilities". I used that principle with my skill assessment to make it look really professional. And it works!

Today I had to take off work as I was feeling a bit under the cold, blustery & windy Winter season. It is ESSENTIAL that as casuals, we have to take extra care of our health during this time. Actually not just us casuals, but ALL staff should take extra precaution during this time as our susceptibility to catching colds is much higher now. Agent E warned us that during this time, a lot of the permanent childcare staff do get sick, so winter is also a very "hot" period to call casuals in for work.

Finally, the best news for today is that I received a call from a new company, Agent S enquiring on my days of availability for duty next week, and that I can start work with them next week onwards!

All in all, it's been a pretty good week altogether, don't you think?!

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