Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pre-ECP1002 Week Block.

I have not written in a while. I know that. Tomorrow is my ONE WEEK BLOCK pract. After which, I am FREE!!! (Well, at least until I start my ECP2001 & ECP2002 professional experience, that is).

I am kind of freaking out, just trying to prepare everything for this one week. Last week, I went to the Pedagogical Resource Centre (PRC, or formerly known as the EML) to borrow the resources that I think could be of use during the span of this week (maybe as spontaneous activity). The EML is closed on weekends and closes at about 5 on weekdays, so I really did not have much of a choice. I had to borrow what my puny brain could think of.

I borrowed stacks of books from the Toowoomba Junior Section of the Uni.

2 from Australian authors.
1 from Walker books.
and about 3 with animal themes.
A kangaroo hand puppet.
A bag of Safari wild animals manipulatives.

So here I am.

Trying to write up all the paperwork so that I can print it off tonight at the K Block later after dinner. Have to wake up early tomorrow by 6am (the least!) to get to the 6.45am bus. (Actually it really does not matter, as I have the luxury of taking a later shift for this week. But I'd rather wake up early, so that I can go home early. But beggars can't be choosers, since I am relying heavily on the public transportation to take me around town.)

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