Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 2006: Under 8's Day

Under 8's Day is a special day each year for over the past 100 years (or more!) where the community comes together to have a day just put together for the children aged 8 and below to come and enjoy activities put up by the institution. This year, it was held in early May.

This year, I took part at the Under 8's Day which was held at my uni in Toowoomba, Queensland, and had the opportunity to observe what they did for this day. Activities such as easel painting, fence painting, chalk drawing on pavements and on the floor, big parachutes, paper boxes city building, noise makers and body gym, bubble blowing, mystery science wagons are part of the activities prepared. Free sausage sizzle was sponsored, but...nah. I was too busy helping out with pumping & blowing of balloons to have any.

I saw my lecturer, Jason Locke working with popcorn popping with the children, and played with slime in the science wagon. I mostly helped out with the easel painting, giving out the balloons, and even got my face painted!

It is not possible for me to include pictures of children, or individuals, due to reasons of copyright and privacy.
necklaces on tree

Stringed Paper Cups hanging on the tree.

me. tree. muah!
The ever obliging model. :-) Face painted with a butterfly!

writing on walkway
Children's writing on walkway.

film canisters....make paint job.
Ideas for painting. Use film canisters! Used for normal easel painting.

egg carton paint
Ideas for painting. Use egg cartons. RECYCLE! Used for face painting.

Pack away time...!

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