Sunday, February 12, 2006

Freedom of expression, freedom of speech.

Well, actually neither.

In reference to my previous entry, what has happened to the freedom of speech in Malaysia???

ChanLilian has noted in her blog, that there really is no communication between the people, much less Freedom of Speech, as Jeff states. It's time for Malaysian education educators to re-think what kind of education do we want to pass on to our children.

The freedom to express how we feel.

The freedom to embrace other cultures without prejudice.

The freedom for Muslims to study Bible Education in school if they choose to.

The freedom to dye our hair golden without assuming that people think we are punks.
(Hei, I have been through that before. People from outstation used to think I was a play-girl.
Even now they still do. Do I care? Actually, I couldn't give a damn. And to think, it's actually a norm for Jap people to tie their hair up in tht funny Princess Leia bun.). I love this site.

It is about this Muslim man in UK who is "shares" his perspective on the fanatics of the Islam people. THank God he is living in UK. If he were here, I think the ISA would have hunted him down.

Ok, here is also the link that depicts the alleged pictures of the prophet . Also, thank God that it is in Egypt. The ISA here can't go after another something out of their boundaries, can they??

News Flash: Let's see what happens to TV3 Bulletin and GuangMing.

If TV3 and Guang Ming Daily gets suspended, that will be the last straw.
So, are reasons for suspending Sarawak Tribune behind a political agenda?
Let's see what happens with Guang Ming and TV3.

"A little bird" told me that TV3 will not be suspended coz
... "it has already been discussed in the editorial meeting with the authorities" and it is all "political".

If they suspend these two big media tai-kors, I really have to kow-tow to our Barisan National kor-kor. Congratulations. You have succeeded in bringing up a country full of yes-men, a herd-full of sheep, who has no brains of their own.

MORONIC as KennySia says! Mo Ngan Tai.

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