Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 14th: Being Called On Your Day Off.

If there is one thing I have to say about my current centre, the boss is.... petty, and erratic. I am not sure how many staff have an erratic and petty female boss, but she as hell is sure one ...

I realised that when I applied for the job in the centre, my days of "freelancing" would be coming to an almost complete end....A day off is almost wishful thinking.... *Sigh*.

Yesterday, the Coordinator asked me to stay back to cover someone else's shifts, but I told her that "I'd love to but I already had made an appointment". Thanks, but I have a spine!

Today, she gave grief to my colleague and me about having to stay back IF we are called to stay in late. She went on this tirade about "there will be days when we need to call you in early to cover another staff's shifts".. blah blah blah..

To which, today, the boss came in and said "the Coordinator was only being polite". Hhmph!

Thanks, but since I stay more than an hour away, calling me to come in early is almost impossible. If she doesn't realise that, the onus is on her, as she offered me the position knowing fully well how long it takes for me to travel to the centre anyways.Plus, I don't have a car.

I believe that if I were not in the work position that she has currently me at, she would not have asked me to stay back. From my sources, I hear that different roles have different responsibilities, and neither shall the twain meet, or her wrath be incurred!

There are days when I feel like throwing a fake sickie just to irk her.

But since I am being paid for my work, I decided that there are better things to do than to make your already mad boss go madder.

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