Thursday, September 02, 2010

3rd Trial Day: Christian Montessori Day Care.

At the end of my work today, I managed to find time to have a chat
with the Day Care Coordinator.
The centre runs like clockwork, following a strict routine which
doesn't leave much for ad-hoc deviation.

Due to the adjustment to the nature of the work, and travel time, I
have not really had much time to read the policies given by the
centre, apart from during my lunch break, and on the train ride to and
from work.

I also found out unofficially the position that I was actually to be
offered, which I already did realised early, but this confirmed my
earlier suspicions!

With the Coodinator, I did bring up my queries on the dress code of
the staff, as there were some questionably matched outfits I had seen
in the course of the time I had been there.

Today I was tested on:
- stacking the kitchen dishwasher which I had to complete in 25
minutes, as it ate into my one hour unpaid lunch!
- clearing the outdoor sandpit area for the day.
Other areas which may be tested soon on!
- how to setup outdoor play area in the morning.
- how to setup Montessori work classroom for the next day
There was an interesting insight which I brought up with one of the
Directress, in regards to the wiping up spills. (Practical Life).

When children spill too much water on the activity tray, they use the
included sponge to wipe up the spill within the tray.
But what about if its onto the floor,or table?

She brought this question to the Coordinater, and came back with this reply.
Apparently there is a separate table, and floor sponge.

The rationale for this would include the reality element where in real
life, one would not wipe up spills and put it back into a jug/bowl/bottle etc, but use a separate wiping cloth for this purpose and dispose of the spilled liquid in a proper manner.

Makes sense?

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