Monday, September 06, 2010

6th Day Trial: Christian Montessori Day Care

So, it's finally my 6th Day Trial.

I did not write for a few days as I needed to clear my mind, and not much of interest has happened at the days in between.

Today I tailed one of the main teachers, *Pam (not her real name), who managed the afternoon programme.

Pam was really lovely to observe, as she had a really calm disposition, and knew how to utilise her words, and voice effectively.

Her responsibility firstly was to supervise and manage the:
- the children, i.e. managing Transition & Group Times with the children after their Morning & Afternoon Outdoor Play.

- the Assistants- redirecting them if they were not performing their duties.

- and Looking out for the visitors, and parents.

I knew that the two main teachers were persons I should look out to observe. But as I was trained by the Assistants, I had to undertake the same roles and needed to have a good understanding of what they were supposed to do in order to supervise them.

Being an Assistant is quite difficult, and is physically demanding, as I found out. Its easier when you're young, but it gets harder as you reach your 30's.

Really, once a woman hits her 30s, and has given birth to children, fatigue just steps in more easily.

I did speak to the Coordinator, and although I was initially supposed to go on two weeks training with the Assistants, she mentioned that the Principal felt I was ready to go on trialling of the Programming.

Well, it'll be more brainwork from now onwards!

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