Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Australia: Back to Childcare.

As most may know (if you have not been following my blogs, what have you been doing eh?), I am back now in Sydney.

So yes, I've been back here for almost a month. Mostly just rusting at home, preparing my application to TAFE. Yes, I've decided to put my grey cells to work by taking a course at TAFE. I've since put in my application, but only the lecturer assessing my portfolio will decide how well my application goes. It took two weeks for me to prepare my portfolio, and since I do not have any official letter from my employer in KL in relation to my course, the portfolio was necessary.

Anyways, as I had bought a 7-Day Rail City ticket this week, I decided to make full use of it and meet my previous employer, Agent E, to re-activate my "employment account" with them. With more than two months to go till studies at TAFE starts, staying and rusting at home is not exactly the best thing to do.

This entry serves to help those who are in a similar situation like me, who have previously worked for a childcare agency and left for a while. Of course, I am worried as its been more than 18 months since I've been away. But anyways, here's what happened.

When I was in the office, I had to fill in some forms. They were:
  • Working With Children Check (it's just filling a form, so that was really easy. But proof of identity with Passport, or Driving Licence is required.). 
  • Filling in the employment application form with the latest details (bank details, latest home details).
  • Tax File Number information. 
  • Nominating a Superannuation Fund (which I can choose) 
Anyways, Casual Staff Manager informed me that apart from the above documentations, I did not really have to do the test (yes, there are about two case study tests for Diploma & ECT qualified applicants to fill in) and two references, as I had worked for Agent E prior to this.

I believe they would try to get my case in soonest possible, as you would have to understand that Agencies make their commission from the casual employees that they send out. Agency staff would try their hardest to ensure that the staff that they send out perform well, improve our performance, as highly qualified (and experienced) staff in childcare are hard to come by.

The Agency is also linked to a training centre, but she told me that as I was already "highly qualified" there was not much that the training centre could do for me. For as far as childcare qualifications went, the three- year degree was the highest.. even recertifying my first-aid certificate had to be done at an institution like St. John's.

Oh well.

The Manager in charge of Casual Staff did ask me how soon could I start work?

Of which, I then informed her that I had to take time to source for teaching materials as I could not just waltz in, or "rock in" (as they call it) to a childcare centre unprepared. "I need to show some standard for my level, you know".

I told her that I would contact them when the necessary preparations were done. She just nodded her head.

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