Friday, June 25, 2010

Abortion is illegal in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, it is currently illegal for a woman to have an abortion. For young women in their late teens who get pregnant, most just get married to the boy (forcibly by the woman's family), or have an abortion.

For the record, I do not support Abortion.

However, in the case of Malaysia, I would vote to have abortion legalised. There currently really is no support for teenage pregnant mothers here, or an asylum for these mothers to have any kind of mental support, or counselling like they have in western countries.

The support system really does not exist, and being a typical "conservative" thinking, a young girl who is pregnant does and is not able to get much support from the society as a whole.. she may even be "denounced" by her family for bringing shame to the family...

Even if they choose to have the baby, it is not a common practice for most other asian couples to be adopting babies. I have a cousin who adopted a baby, but that was after she had tried for 10 years, and she was in the States, where it was a more common practice, and she adopted a child from China.

In order to keep abortion illegal, there must already be in existence, be a support system, or family planning system in place for these young women, as well as an asylum for these pregnant mothers, as well for their born children to go to should they decide to give birth to the baby, but not keep it.

Malaysia still has a long way to go...

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