Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016: Renewal of Victorian Teacher Institution (VIT)

Since coming to the state of Victoria (in Australia), I've had to maintain a registration as an ECT or Early Childhood Teacher with the VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching).
This change was initiated in Oct 2015 for all qualified three- and four year degree ECTs in Victoria, and those coming interstate to work here.

I was wondering whether to renew my VIT registration, but my parents told me that I should after all my hardworking years of study at university. In the event that I change my mind about starting a Family Day Care, I can still return to my work as an ECT in the childcare centres here in Victoria. 

Among the few requirements for renewal of the VIT registration for 2016, is a specific of 20 hour attendance or study of Professional Development which focused on the theme on the area of Special Needs. 

In order to meet that requirement, I managed to find out about  Future Learn, which is a free online open learning source that had a study unit on Education for All (Inclusive Education) which focused mostly on Special Education for children who came from a special needs background, and also from low income countries.

The University of Cape Town presented this unit. It is a public research university located in the western cape of South Africa.  

The course itself is free, but if you would like a statement of completion, a processing fee of at least 19 pound sterling (after discounts, which they give sometimes) + delivery fee is payable. That is equivalent to less than $40 AUD, which costs less than 1/3 of half the Professional Development courses (normally about $100 or more) that they hold in Victoria. 

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