Monday, September 14, 2015

Busy researching for starting a Family Day Care

Doing research for starting a home based family day care needs so much time..  This is how my schedule is like...

- did my laundry
- applied for full licence letter verification  from Malaysia high commission
- called Integricare
- emailed CCA and Infants Home
- looked up car models on Nissan and Honda website. (my dad thinks a new 1.5 litre car requires less maintenance and is fuel economic).

-  download app for Knowledge Test.
- go to NAB and Commbank in Campsie to enquire about business bank accounts (morning)
- collect letter from Malaysia high commission (after 2.30pm).
- to study for Road Knowledge Test.
- Shark Hotel (Aaron's last Tuesday in Sydney) in the evening.

- start looking for a tax accountant (anyone good?)
- probably visit either CCA in Eastwood, and Infants Home.
- start looking at booking test date for Knowledge Test.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

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