Friday, December 13, 2013

First shift with a new employer!

So today is my first ever shift with a new Childcare company. For the sake of brevity and future blog posts, I shall refer to them as E.O, short for 'Employer O' in future posts.

Just earlier this week, I went for an interview in this not for profit company , E.O, that manages their own Childcare centres.
Out of necessity, I had started looking for a new company to work for as my current Agent E did not provide adequate nor consistent work for me to rely on. 

I decided not to apply for further work in recruitment agencies as most Childcare centres have to pay a high premium to get casual staff to come in, hence shifts are normally not given to them unless the Childcare centres themselves cannot find the needed staff from their own list of casuals. 

Also too, if a work applicant has been sent by the recruitment agency to any group related Childcare centres, she is automatically legally not allowed to apply for work for the following six months at any of the other centres of the same company. 

The same applies for me as with Agent E as well.

When I asked the E.O HR consultant if they will check my work references, she said that unless I was applying for a permanent position, it was not necessary. Anyways, I shoved her a copy of references. 

When I checked my phone this morning, the history of the phone showed that the casuals team had called me once at 6.50am, and another time at 8:24am. 

In my blur just woke up state, I accidentally called the consultant, Julie on the phone. Well, I was still trying to figure out how to use the Iphone 4 that my father had passed on to me. =_=

Apparently they had a shift in the city. I was not supposed to start any shifts till next week anyways.

As I had been thoroughly bored at home for the entire week, I decided to go for the shift which starts at 10am, and ends at 6pm. It turns out I only have 30 mins lunch. I didn't ask whether it was unpaid or not though.

The centre took me about 30 mins to reach. It was easy enough to find, as it was in a well known area and I have been there previously many years ago. 

Work today was okay, and I was assigned to the Tiny Tots and Toddlers room. I managed fairly well, and decided to flow along. Although I do pray that I fared well. 

So the first day of work passed on without any hiccups. Which is a good thing. :-)

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