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Prevention of Allergies

It may not be less common in Asia, but the incidents of children in Australia with allergies is actually increasing.

In the childcare centre where I was working, we had children with all kinds of allergies and conditions.

Before heading to Australia, I did not hear of milk allergy or lactose intolerance, much less peanut, or shellfish allergies.

It was only in Australia, that I realised I had a condition commonly known as milk allergy.

Whenever I had more than a small serve of cappucino (Yes, the italian drink!), I realised I ended up getting a sore stomach and always had to go to the toilet, which last for almost a few hours, and sometimes a day. This is a common condition in many yellow skinned Asians as well, it seems.

Apparently a many Caucasians have peanut allergy, which is not a common condition in many yellow skinned Asians (i.e Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans) as peanut is an essential and common ingredient in our daily diet.

I also found out that in my family genetics, asthma and ezcema is also a common condition in my mother's side of the family. But because my father has strong genes, it has cut down the incidence of this condition, where both my brother and I do not have this condition.

However, it has turned out that many of my cousins though suffered from asthma and ezcema.

The link below explains ways to prevent allergies


Seeling-诗陵 ♥ said...

Hi, I'm a girl from Malaysia, 19th this year, I'm going to study a Diploma in Early childhood education at Methodist college Kuala Lumpur. I just wanna know about your opinion, its a right choice to study this? I've passion in teaching those lil kids, and I always serving them in my church, but I really wondering,is it a good career at Malaysia? and I'm actually quite interesting to Child's psychology.. so what should I do..? Am I right to study Dip in ECE? I am confuse.
Thanks for answering..
my email,

CheaYee said...

If you are passionate about children, then yes, getting an education in early childhood would be a good place for you to start from.

If you enjoy working hands on with children, then Diploma in ECE would be a good place to start.

However, just realise that it wont bring you much money...

If you did a Diploma in ECE (depending whether it is accredited with Australia, or UK), you maybe able to find work easily in Australia or UK.

If you can afford it, I would recommend that you also study Montessori as well. It is tough though, and requires a lot of reading and practical as it is marked using criteria from UK.

If you acquire a Montessori element in your Diploma though, you might be able to get work in UK, as there are Montessori centres in the UK.

In Australia, a Diploma qualifies you to work on a certain salary scale, and is in demand.

Also three year degree trained teachers also earn roughly about AUD25-30/hour. although, that seems to be considered as lower paid socio economic scale in australia (sigh..)

Diploma, and Three year degree teachers enables the person (in Australia) to manage the centre, staff, and are the minimum qualifications to do so.

If you were just planning to only work in Malaysia, Diploma or THree year degree teachers is enough.

I dont rcommend the four year degree program (minimum qualification for teacher registration in Australia, UK and US) unless you have worked locally there for a few years, and plan to apply for permanent residence later.

Unless you understand the culture well enough, you may fail the fourth year, which is what happened to me.

(You can read my other previous entries on Early Childhood Teacher for more information).

I dont actually know that much about Child Psychology, but I would believe that it would be in the Psychology department.

I had many classmates who took General Psychology, but they work purely in understanding people, and also work in societal kind of associations.

I really cant tell you that much about Child Psychology or whether it is a good career, but maybe they diagnose childrenn with develop mentally, or children from broken homes. etc.

If you like those kind of scenarios, by all means go for it.

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