Monday, July 21, 2008

Canterbury: A migrant community childcare centre.

Last week, I was assigned to a three-day block at this chinese community childcare centre at a predominantly Chinese-Korean suburb of Sydney in Canterbury. It was indeed an eye-opener, as all this while, I have only been stationed to centres which students and staff were predominantly anglo-australians. Because the centre was only targeted at migrants, the families that came were mostly from Hong Kong, China, and even Malaysia.

The fees for this childcare centre was much lower than charged by a lot of the services I have been to. The normal rate in the city ranges from 70-80 dollars p/day, and in this centre it was about 55 dollars/p day. Of course, parents still have to provide their own essentials for their children (nappies, wet wipes).

I had told my agents that I wanted to be assigned off the current popular franchaise of childcare learning centres (which is widely expanding), so that I could go to the more conventional childcare centres & community centres. It is in these places that one experiences the variable differences in the spectrum of how childcare centres operate. Not every centre will work the same way, and each children's services centre will have their own procedures to strive to meet the accreditation standards that are set out by the authorities.

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