Saturday, November 03, 2007

Be Still.

Hi readers...not sure how many of you read this blog. It is a bit hard to gauge since not many leave comments in any way. I've had a hiatus from writing here in the past 10 days as I've been busy. How's the practicum, I am sure you may be asking?

The practicum itself was an enjoyable experience. However, one cannot assume success from outward appearances, but always at the heart. I've enjoyed 5 days of practical but was dismissed prematurely. Hence, I'll be going to the uni next week to resolve the situation.

My mates reckon it could be a case involving racial undertones as well as premature judgment & prejudice. Coming from a different cultural background sometimes contribute to such situations.Well, we'll see how the case progresses when I go in on Monday.

Keep tuned, folks!

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