Thursday, August 30, 2007

Accountable stakeholders in Education.

On another note, lectures has been great since the potluck. I invited one of my classmates over for a potluck at my home(Aussies call it "Bring a Plate" thingy).

I hope to have more socials in future. However today we had a lecture to do with Curriculum Planning. One of the things I noted was that we had to brainstorm for ideas on what "Outcomes Based" learning is after viewing this video that our lecturer put on in class.

What I was really annoyed was no one seemed to be contributing ideas to the discussion, and didn't want to put in anything on the list. Here we go again.....

In my opinion, all learning just happens to be outcomes based, because everyone wants to have proof that some kind of learning that takes place. It is impossible to have it in any other way, and even taking a photo of a child working at a play based activity is "some form of Outcomes Approach" learning.

The only difference is how the outcomes approach framework of planning is implemented, by using inquiry style of questioning and scaffolding to the teaching of the lesson. So I decided to risk it and put in my own thoughts where I said "it is providing accountability for student's learning for all stakeholders involved".

The lecturer was pleased with that account.... I say, just put whatever you seems feels right to you into the context.

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